Silver 8 is a us-based technology investment manager that seeks to offer concentrated global exposure to innovation within fintech

The manager employs fundamental research to select FinTech investment themes with a multi-year horizon. Currently, the manager is primarily focused on blockchain technology developments and applications.

The manager uses a hybrid strategy, investing primarily in liquid markets (digital assets such as crypto-currencies), and selected “opt-in” private investments.



Ocho de Plata

The firm’s name, Silver 8, translates from “Ocho de Plata”, a silver coin minted in the Spanish Empire, beginning in 1497. Also known as the Spanish dollar, the eight-real coin was approximately 38mm in diameter.

During the XVIII century, it reached broad use across Europe, America and South-East Asia, as China only accepted silver as a means of payment. The coin became the international trade settlement standard and the first worldwide reserve currency.

The Spanish Dollar was the first legal tender in the United States until the Coinage Act of 1792 replaced it with the US Dollar. The Spanish Dollar remained more popular in the US for many years and was legal tender until 1857. In fact, equity shares were still quoted in eighths of a dollar until 2001; this was a legacy from the coin’s divisibility by 8, since each Spanish Dollar was worth 8 reales.